Mission Nikaalo Prelims | Open Crash Course | Starts 6th March 2020

Dear students,

We are thrilled to launch the 3rd edition of our OPEN Crash Course [Nikaalo Prelims]. The last 2 editions have been immensely helpful to aspirants who wanted a fast-paced revision sequence. With Nikaalo Prelims you get our full commitment for the next 75 days with these 3 things: 

  1. Daily Doubt Sessions (2 hours of community doubt solving sessions)
  2. Prelims Spotlight (simplified, synthesized, byte-sized information collated in notes)
  3. Static & CA Tests (alternate days, 20 questions with rich explainers & active doubt resolution sessions)

Note: If you want to see how our prelims test series have helped aspirants in the past, both in building capabilities, smart hacks and prediction (relevance), please read on this link


  • The registration will be done here: Click & Register here
  • Once you fill the fields, you will be enlisted in a close community Telegram Group where you will receive PDFs of Prelims Spotlight, Revision Tests and other value-added material
  • The telegram group will also be the only place where we will have DDS sessions
  • We start on 6th March 2020. 10 AM sharp.
  • Here’s the time table of the Nikaalo Prelims

How is this program any different from the other “x-day revision programs”?

There are many institutes and websites offering open crash courses (that too for free) and most of them have their heart & efforts in a good place. Like them, we also believed that drawing up a time table and collating questions together in one place will help in an effective revision.

But we got to know better when we started having deeper interactions with our Decimate Prelims community. We started DDS (Daily Doubt Sessions) by inviting doubts from across the spectrum & study material. We aimed at resolving all doubts in 15 minutes or less and kept the discussion open in case students want to follow-up with subsequent questions and more.

Here’s what we found:

More doubts = more conversations = increased chances of multiple threads = revision & retention

And now that we know better, we have decided to include a mini DDS for Nikaalo Prelims batch as well. And that’s what separates us from the rest.

But that’s not it. We have upped our offerings in the static & dynamic revision modules as well. Here’s how:

  • Prelims SPOTLIGHT

This initiative is meant to help you revise details and facts that can be asked in prelims. They are simplified, synthesized and prepared using most authentic sources. These can easily slip your mind or you can easily confuse these. Continuous Revision for the same is required. Dare you to miss the updates!

You will get PDFs for these notes. Trust us, less is more. We won’t overwhelm. you with content just coz we can 🙂

  • Static Subject Revision and Tests 

The timetable for the static subjects is released. Tests will start on the 6th of March. 

Coverage and Relevance are the 2 Pillars of our Tests.

  1. You appear for a test every alternate day at 8 PM. 
  2. We believe some breathing time is necessary to ensure consistency and efficiency. Besides, a good revision also requires quality time commitment. 
  3. Instant score after you submit your test with proper explanations for the questions. 
  4. Top 10 Ranks will be announced for every test at the launch of the next test.  

Please ensure you attempt the tests with utmost sincerity.

  • 3. Daily Doubt Sessions: There will be daily doubt sessions on a daily basis for your doubt resolutions regarding tests and prelims spotlights. This will ensure that all important topics are covered, you are not left with any confusion or doubt and get some additional information as well.

Click here to register


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Caretaker @civilsdaily

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Avanishkumar Yadav
4 months ago

The telegram link is not working 🙁

Parth Verma
4 months ago

is it working now?

4 months ago

Telegram link is not working please help us to join telegram

Parth Verma
4 months ago
Reply to  Srini

Is it working now? If not then use this one

Yogendra Singh
4 months ago
Reply to  Parth Verma

@ Parth Verma . This link is not Working Sir.

Apaar Jabbal
4 months ago

Unable to join the telegram group!

Isha Sharma
4 months ago

the telegram link provided is not functional…
Kindly Help!!!

Rohit Pande
4 months ago
Reply to  Isha Sharma

telegram link is functional . else if you filled the form, you would have got an email with link to join – check your email pls.

Yogendra Singh
4 months ago

Unable to Get through Telegram Link of ” Nikaalo Prilims 2020″.
Please Reply and Solve the issue ASAP.

Rohit Pande
4 months ago
Reply to  Yogendra Singh

check your email pls.

Abhijit paul
4 months ago

the telegram link provided is not working….plz help

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man mohan soni
4 months ago

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Bhawani Maali
4 months ago

the telegram link is not working

Apr Raj
3 months ago

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Atul Pokhriyal
3 months ago
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adhiraj Singh
3 months ago

Telegram link is not working

Atul Pokhriyal
3 months ago
Reply to  adhiraj Singh

Please email your contact details at

Fashion & vlog
3 months ago

Link is not working.Please add me .

2 months ago

For those who are unable to join the telegram group through the provided link….It is because, sometimes we won’t be redirected to telegram app directly from the Browser. So, please copy that link and send that link to one of your friends on Telegram. Then click on the link there. You will get the group.