Tiger Conservation Efforts – Project Tiger, etc.

India pitches for International Big Cat Alliance (IBCA)


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level : International Big Cat Alliance (IBCA)

Mains level : NA


India has proposed to launch International Big Cat Alliance (IBCA) to protect big cats and assured support over five years with guaranteed funding of $100 million.

International Big Cat Alliance (IBCA)

  • It is a proposed mega-global alliance that will work toward the protection and conservation of the seven major big cats — tiger, lion, leopard, snow leopard, puma, jaguar, and cheetah.
  • Membership to the alliance will be open to 97 ‘range’ countries, which contain the natural habitat of these big cats, as well as other interested nations, international organizations, etc.

Proposed objectives

  • The alliance’s purpose is to provide a platform for the dissemination of information on benchmarked practices, capacity building, resources repository, research and development, awareness creation, etc. on the protection and conservation of big cats.
  • Its major activities will include advocacy, partnership, knowledge e-portal, capacity building, eco-tourism, partnerships between expert groups and finance tapping.

Financial outlay

  • After the first five years, IBCA will be supported by India’s ‘total grant assistance’ of $100 million.
  • It is expected to sustain itself through membership fees, and contributions from bilateral and multilateral institutions and the private sector

Governance Structure

  • A General Assembly consisting of all member countries.
  • A Council of at least seven but not more than 15 member countries elected by the General Assembly for a term of 5 years, and a Secretariat.
  • Upon the recommendation of the Council, the General Assembly will appoint the IBCA Secretary General for a specific term.

India’s success in tiger conservation

  • India has been successful in tiger conservation, with its tiger population increasing from 1,411 in 2006 to 2,967 in 2019.
  • India’s success in tiger conservation has been attributed to measures such as habitat restoration, anti-poaching efforts, and community participation.

What lies ahead?

  • India plans to expand its conservation efforts to other big cat species, such as lions and leopards.
  • India also plans to work with other countries to promote conservation efforts for big cats on a global scale.

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