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Brucellosis: Preventive measures launched

Health and Animal Husbandry teams have launched preventive measures and initiated an epidemiological investigation, after one case of brucellosis, was confirmed in a prisoner.

  • The infection is passed on to humans through the ingestion of unpasteurized milk and milk products or contact with animal secretions.


  • Brucellosis is a bacterial disease that mainly infects cattle, swine, goats, sheep and dogs.
  • Humans can get infected if they come in direct contact with infected animals or by eating or drinking contaminated animal products or by inhaling airborne agents.
  • According to the WHO, most cases of the disease are caused by ingesting unpasteurised milk or cheese from infected goats or sheep.


  • Fever, sweats, malaise, anorexia, headache and muscle pain
  • While some signs and symptoms can last for long periods of time, others may never go away.
  • These include recurrent fevers, arthritis, swelling of the testicles and scrotum area, swelling of the heart, neurologic symptoms, chronic fatigue, depression and swelling of the liver or spleen.
  • Human to human transmission of the virus is rare.
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