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Controversy over Germany’s Debt Brake Rule


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level: Debt Brake Rule

Mains level: NA

Central Idea

  • On November 15, Germany’s constitutional court declared the government’s reallocation of €60 billion to a “climate and transformation fund” (KTF) as unlawful.

Understanding the Debt Brake Rule

  • Definition and Purpose: The debt brake rule caps government borrowing and restricts the federal government’s fiscal deficit to 0.35% of GDP, while prohibiting deficit spending by Germany’s 16 regions.
  • Enactment: This rule was incorporated into German law in 2009 by a coalition, mirroring the EU’s Stability and Growth Pact and the 2012 Fiscal Compact Treaty.

Legal Challenge and Its Implications

  • Opposition’s Argument: It argued that climate change and energy transition investments, being long-term, shouldn’t be funded by the debt brake’s emergency exemption, which was specific to COVID-19 relief.
  • Government’s Defense: The government contended that the reallocated funds addressed economic consequences of the pandemic by linking investment shortfalls to COVID-19’s economic impact.

Germany’s Post-2009 Economic Performance

  • Mixed Outcomes: Germany experienced growth and budget surpluses in the last decade, benefiting from low-interest policies of the ECB.
  • Zero-Deficit Budget: The government achieved a zero-deficit budget, promoting it as an ideal approach for the EU during a sovereign debt crisis.
  • Challenges and Criticisms: A cooling economy highlighted under-investment in infrastructure. Critics urged for expansionary fiscal measures, while others favored higher taxation. Chancellor Angela Merkel emphasized the need to avoid burdening the younger generation with debt.
  • Pandemic Response: In 2020, the debt brake rule was suspended for pandemic-related borrowing, with plans for reinstatement.

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