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Exercise Sea Dragon 22


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level: Ex Sea Dragon 22

Mains level: Maritime cooperations for Indo-Pacific

India is among the six Indo-Pacific nations participating in Exercise Sea Dragon 22.

Sea Dragon 22

  • It is a multi-lateral anti-submarine warfare exercise in the Pacific Ocean hosted by the US.
  • The exercise includes the navies of India, Australia, Canada, Japan, the US and South Korea.
  • India, Japan, Australia and America are also part of the Quad, and also participate in the Malabar exercise.
  • It includes in-flight training, ranging from tracking simulated targets to the final problem of tracking a live US Navy submarine.

Significance of the exercise

  • The exercise is significant as almost all of the participating countries have strained relations with China.
  • China is expanding its prowess in the Indo-Pacific under its Look West Policy.

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