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[pib] Appointment of the UPSC Chairman


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level : UPSC and other constitutional bodies

Mains level : NA

The President of India has appointed Pradeep Kumar Joshi as Chairman of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

Try this PYQ:

Q.Consider the following statements:

  1. The Executive Power of the Union of India is vested in the Prime Minister.
  2. The Prime Minister is the ex-officio Chairman of the Civil Services Board.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct? (CSP 2015)

(a) 1 only

(b) 2 only

(c) Both 1 and 2

(d) Neither 1 nor 2

Backgrounder: UPSC

  • Established on 1 October 1926 as Public Service Commission, it was later reconstituted as Federal Public Service Commission by the GoI Act 1935; only to be renamed as today’s UPSC after the independence.
  • The UPSC is India’s premier central recruiting agency responsible for appointments to and examinations for All India services and group A & group B of Central services.
  • The Department of Personnel and Training is the central personnel agency in India.
  • It is also required to be consulted by the Government in matters relating to the appointment, transfer, promotion and disciplinary matters.

Appointments to the UPSC

  • As per Article 316 of the constitution, the Chairman and other members of UPSC shall be appointed by the President.
  • In case the office of the Chairman becomes vacant his duties shall be performed by one of the other members of the Commission as the President may appoint for the purpose.
  • Under Art. 318, the President is empowered to determine the number of members of the Commission and their conditions of service.
  • As per Art 319, a person who holds office as Chairman shall, on the expiration of his term of office, be ineligible for re-appointment to that office.
  • But, a member other than the Chairman shall be eligible for appointment as the Chairman of the UPSC.
  • Also, the Chairman of a State PSC shall be eligible for appointment as the Chairman or any other member of the UPSC.

Removal of members/chairman

  • As per Art. 317, the Chairman or any other member of a UPSC shall only be removed from their office by order of the President on the ground of “misbehaviour” after the Supreme Court inquiry report.
  • The President may suspend the Chairman or other member of the Commission until a report of the Supreme Court is received.

Distinguishing features

  • The commission reports directly to the President and can advise the Government through him.
  • Although, such advice is not binding on the Government.
  • Being a constitutional authority, UPSC is amongst the few institutions which function with both autonomy and freedom, along with the country’s higher judiciary and lately the Election Commission.
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Bharat Kumar
Bharat Kumar
2 years ago

new chairman is prof. pradeep kumar joshi. president of india appoint arvind saxena to take a ought to pradeep kumar saini…..there is a mistake ,i think so

2 years ago

Pradeep Kumar Joshi has been appointed as the new Chairman of the UPSC, succeeding the outgoing Chairman Arvind Saxena