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[pib] Exercise Cambrian Patrol


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level : Ex Cambrian Patrol

Mains level : Not Much

A team from Gorkha Rifles which represented the Indian Army at the prestigious Cambrian Patrol Exercise at Brecon, Wales, UK, has been awarded a Gold medal.

Ex Cambrian Patrol

  • Organized by the UK Army, this exercise is considered the ultimate test of human endurance, team spirit and is sometimes referred as the Olympics of Military Patrolling.
  • The aim of The Cambrian Patrol is to provide a challenging patrols exercise in order to enhance operational capability.
  • The event has evolved into a cost-effective, ready-made exercise that Commanding Officers can use to test the basic training standards of their soldiers, in preparation for future operations.
  • It is mission-focused and scenario-based with role players used to enhance the training benefit.

How it is conducted?

  • During the exercise, teams are assessed for their performance under harsh terrain and inclement cold weather conditions.
  • They undergo various challenges in addition to the complex real-world situations painted to them so as to assess their reactions in combat settings.


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