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From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level: Nyaya Vikas Program

Mains level: Not Much

Central Idea: The Nyaya Vikas Portal has been created for monitoring the implementation of the Centrally Sponsored, Nyaya Vikas Scheme.

What is Nyaya Vikas Program?

  • Initiated by the Department of Justice in 1993-94.
  • Aims to develop infrastructure facilities for districts and subordinate judiciary.
  • Provides central assistance to state governments and UT administrations for constructing court halls and residential units.
  • Extended beyond March 31, 2021, with additional features for convenience, such as lawyers’ halls, toilet complexes, and digital computer rooms.
  • Funding sharing pattern: 60:40 between the central government and state governments (excluding North Eastern and Himalayan States), 90:10 for North Eastern and Himalayan States, and 100% for Union Territories.

About Nyaya Vikas Portal

  • The Nyaya Vikas Portal has been created to monitor the implementation of the CSS for Development of Infrastructure Facilities for Districts and Subordinate Judiciary.
  • It allows stakeholders to log in through four efficient ways, providing seamless access to information related to funding, documentation, project monitoring, and approval.
  • The portal ensures transparency and accessibility by providing stakeholders with a centralized platform to access information about funding, documentation, project monitoring, and approval processes.

Impact of the Scheme

  • Improved infrastructure: The portal’s monitoring capabilities contribute to the effective utilization of funds for constructing court halls, residential units, lawyers’ halls, toilet complexes, and digital computer rooms.
  • Enhanced judicial services: By providing better infrastructure and facilities, the portal enhances the delivery of judicial services to lawyers, litigants, and judicial officers.
  • Strengthened rule of law: The efficient implementation of the scheme through the portal strengthens the rule of law by ensuring access to justice and adequate infrastructure for the judiciary.

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