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From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level : ToD Scheme

Mains level : Need for restructure of the armed forces

The Indian Army has planned to take civilians on a three-year “Tour of Duty” (ToD) or short service” on a trial basis to serve as officers and in other ranks initially for a limited number of vacancies which will be expanded later.

Practice question for mains:

Q. The “Tour of Duty” (ToD) Scheme is a significant move to free up funds for the Army’s modernization. Comment.

Tour of Duty Scheme

  • Indian Army is thinking to induct youngsters for three-year “Tour of Duty (ToD) tenure as both officers and jawans.
  • The ToD scheme, in case approved, will initially be launched with around 100 vacancies for officers and 1,000 for jawans.
  • As per Army, a ToD officer will earn Rs 80,000-90,000 per month. After ToD tenure, youngsters can find lucrative private and public sector jobs.
  • The Army says it will restructure the cadre and help modernize the force.

Advantages of ToD Scheme

  • ToD is expected to result in a significant reduction in the expenditure on pay and pensions and free up funds for the Army’s modernization.
  • The overall purpose of the ToD concept is ‘internship/temporary experience’.
  • There will be no requirement of attractive severance packages, resettlement courses, professional encashment training leave, ex-servicemen status, ex-servicemen Contributory Health Scheme for ToD officers and other ranks.
  • Analysing the cost of training incurred on each personnel compared with the limited employment of the manpower for three years, the proposal calculates that it will indeed have a positive benefit.

The cost factor

  • The approximate cost incurred is nearly ₹5.12 crore and ₹6.83 crores for a Short Service Commission (SSC) officer if he or she is released from service after 10 and 14 years, respectively.
  • The costs for those released after a three-year ToD is just ₹80-85 lakh.
  • Similarly, estimates for a jawan with 17 years of service as compared to a ToD recruit with three years’ service shows that the prospective lifetime savings of just one jawan are ₹11.5 crores.
  • Thus, savings for only 1,000 jawans could be ₹11,000 crores, which could be used for the much-needed modernization of the Army.

Other benefits

  • This scheme is for those who did not want a full career in the Army but still wanted to put on the uniform.
  • Individuals who opted for ToD would get a much higher salary than their peers in the corporate sector.
  • They would also have an edge after leaving the service and going to the corporate sector.
  • The Army hoped that this would attract individuals from the best colleges, including the Indian Institutes of Technology.

Back2Basics: Permanent Commission (PC) Vs. Short Service Commission (SSC)

  • SSC means an officer’s career will be of a limited period in the Indian Armed Forces whereas a PC means they shall continue to serve in the Indian Armed Forces, till they retire.
  • The officers inducted through the SSC usually serve for a period of 14 years. At the end of 10 years, the officers have three options.
  • A PC entitles an officer to serve in the Navy till he/she retires unlike SSC, which is currently for 10 years and can be extended by four more years, or a total of 14 years.
  • They can either select for a PC or opt-out or have the option of a 4-years extension. They can resign at any time during this period of 4 years extension.
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lovely sai

Dear sir/madam
Is this service needed any qualifications, can 10th passed persons can apply ?
If yes how shall we apply ?

Sukanya Rana

Hey sai
The article is for educational purposes only.
For recruitment related query, you can visit Indian army official website.

lovely sai

Madam can you share me the website

niranjan naikar

Hi all,

Only people who are rich are studying and becoming an officer. But for poor they quit and work for the sake of food and to run family, otherwise their old age parents die in suffering only. For me I’m still trying TA even I was unable to attend ssb because of financial problems and loan irritations. Bad thing. At least they must find professionals who are fit and give an opportunity to be an officer to satisfy their dreams.
Still suffering but never give up. TA officer😠✌👍

saurabh dwivedi

niranjan naikar ,it is a myth that only those people are selecting who is rich. Even many IAS officer’s past was suffering and the also face more and more financial problems. DON,T LOOSE HOPES. All the best for your future and never give up.

Dharmendra Ku.

Dear sir/ma,am
Is this service needed any qualifications, can 10+2 passed persons can apply ?
If yes how shall we apply ?


lenminthang hmangte

What will be the age limit as I’m approaching 35 years would it be possible??

Aman Saif

How apply this service i needed this service
8750441417 /9268721358

Ashish yadav



Yes….Good Option For ARMY LOVERS ….BY this WaY……everyone got….to serve for their country…..
…….Jai HinD

Ritesh Yadav


Graduation degree honi chahiyea

akash vishwakarma


Shawaz khan

Sir my qualifications12pass and I am very excited this job plz give me a one chance