Uniform Civil Code: Triple Talaq debate, Polygamy issue, etc.

Uttarakhand readies Final UCC draft


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  • Uttarakhand is taking important steps to implement a Uniform Civil Code (UCC).
  • The state has received the final report from a committee, which is a significant move towards fulfilling its commitment to equality and justice.

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Uttarakhand UCC

  • Expert Committee: Uttarakhand appointed a committee, led by retired Justice Ranjana Prakash Desai, to draft the UCC.
  • In the State Assembly: The UCC report will be presented in the State Assembly on February 5 for discussion. It will go through a detailed review before becoming law.

Key Recommendations

  • Gender Equality: The final UCC draft focuses on achieving gender equality and removing unfairness in various areas, including property rights and adoption rules.
  • Language Choice: Notably, the UCC draft is around 750 pages long, entirely written in Hindi, without any Urdu or other languages.
  • Protection of Tribal Community: The report suggests that the tribal community should not be included in the UCC. Their specific needs and concerns will be addressed separately.

Ensuring Equal Rights

  • Ban on Regressive Practices: The UCC draft recommends strong punishments for practices like triple talaq, iddat, and halala, which relate to marriage and divorce in Muslim personal law. It also proposes banning polygamy and polyandry.
  • Legalizing Live-In Relationships: The draft suggests making live-in relationships legal, with mandatory registration for such couples.
  • Equal Inheritance Rights: Women are granted the same rights as men when it comes to inheritance under the proposed UCC.
  • Minimum Marriage Age: The UCC draft suggests setting the minimum age for women’s marriage at 21 years.


  • Uttarakhand’s efforts to establish a Uniform Civil Code demonstrate its commitment to ensuring equal rights and justice for all.
  • The careful drafting process, inclusive approach, and strong recommendations underscore the state’s determination to promote gender equality and eliminate regressive practices.

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