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What is Drive-through Testing?


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level : Drive-through Testing

Mains level : Coronovirus outbreak and its mitigation

To work around the challenges of home-based testing in the country, a New Delhi based firm has offered ‘drive-through test’ for COVID-19.

Drive-through Testing

  • Those who feel sick drive up to a test centre where nurses wearing protective gear collect a nose or throat sample from the car itself.
  • Results are mailed or messaged in a day.
  • This method of mass testing has allowed reduced contact between patients and healthcare workers, thereby lessening the chances of transmission.
  • South Korea has led the world in the number of tests per million to check for coronavirus infection through this method.

Germany: leading through examples

  • Germany is conducting around 3,50,000 coronavirus tests a week, far more than any other country.
  • It means that more people with few or no symptoms are reported thereby increasing the number of known cases and adequate quarantines.

Limitations (for India)

  • We have seen so far is that many are uncomfortable with the home collection process.
  • Some people are worried that lab personnel visiting home in full protective gear would scare the neighbours.
  • There are also instances when spouses of some healthcare personnel have separated for a while.

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