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What is the Munich Security Conference (MSC)?


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Prelims level: Munich Security Conference

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The latest edition of MSC a week ago assumed significance as it was here that the Ukrainian President appealed for help ahead of the Russian invasion.

Munich Security Conference

  • The Munich Security Conference is an annual conference on international security policy that has been held in Munich, Bavaria, Germany since 1963.
  • It brings together heads of state, diplomats and business leaders from the world’s leading democracies for three days of meetings and presentations.
  • It is the world’s largest gathering of its kind.
  • Over the past four decades the MSC has become the most important independent forum for the exchange of views by international security policy decision-makers.

How did it begin?

  • When the MSC was founded in 1963, it was envisioned as a way for leaders, mostly from the West, to discuss threats and dangers in an informal setting.
  • Most of the concerns at the time stemmed from the Cold War, which had dominated world politics for nearly a half-century.
  • Over time, the conference evolved into a platform for airing grievances and workshopping political agreements, some of them outside the realm of East-West relations.
  • In recent years, the conference has often invited leaders from authoritarian countries, and even adversaries, to speak.


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