Indian Polity | Timeline : States and UT Reorganization

Rule of Law v/s Rule by Law

In-depth understanding of the Directive Principles of State Policy

Indian Polity | Types of Majorities

Indian Polity | Speaker of the Lok Sabha

Veto Powers of the President of India

Indian Polity | Emergency Provisions

Indian Polity | Powers of the President and the Governor

Landmark Judgements in India

Part 1 | Landmark Judgements that Transformed India

Part 2 | Evolution of Indian constitution

Part 3 | Where Procedure is Due

Part 4 | Whose law is it anyway?

Part 5 | Supreme court of Hinduism?

Part 6 | I am the most backward!

Part 7 | Indian reservations – Mandal Judgement and beyond

Polity Titbits

Fundamentals of Polity and Constitution

Fundamental Rights and DPSP, Fundamental Duties

Important articles/schedules of Constitution

Functions/powers of legislature

Functions/powers of executive

Functions/powers of Judiciary

Constitution- Special provisions

Constitutional, Statutory and quasi-judicial bodies

Panchayati Raj- Local governance