UPSC GS2 | Bilateral, regional and global groupings and agreements involving India and/or affecting India’s interests

Bilateral Groupings & agreements involving India’s interests

  1. India, US defence ties – What are LSA, CISMOA and BECA agreements?
  2. India Europe relations
  3. India-Africa Forum Summit: Old Friends – Old Family, India Africa Relations (Back2Basics)
  4. India-Russia relations : Momentum in transforming Strategic Partnership, India-Russia relations (Back2Basics)
  5. India-Japan relations (Back2Basics)
  6. India-Central Asia relations (Back2Basics)
  7. India-West Asia relations (Back2Basics)
  8. India-Australia relations (Back2Basics)

Regional Groupings & agreements involving India’s interests

  1. Mekong Ganga Cooperation and BIMSTEC
  2. RCEP – Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership
  3. East Asia Summit (EAS)
  4. Indian-Ocean Rim Association (IORA)
  5. SCO & India
  6. SAARC (30+ years in existence)
  7. ASEAN-India and East Asia Summit 2015
  8. Chah Bahar, Its significance and the impediments in taking it ahead

Global Groupings & agreements involving India’s interests

  1. Vienna Conference to end Syria’s endless agony
  2. G20: The Antalya Summit 2015 – Everything that you should know
  3. Nuclear Security Summit (2010 – 2016) – What Next?
  4. Decodified: The Landmark Trans-Pacific Partnership
  5. BRICS and India
  6. India’s Bid to United Nations Permanent Seat
  7. 193 Countries Agreed on 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Why?

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