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Signs of mistrust in Iran-American N Deal?

  1. Iran’s top leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says it is futile to engage with the Americans, cautions against talks with Washington on other regional issues
  2. Despite the lifting of nuclear-related sanctions, Iran is still barred from using the US’ financial system because of many other prohibitions
  3. This caused delay in Iran’s purchases of new jetliners from Boeing and Airbus, which the nuclear agreement specifically permitted
  4. Trivia: Mr. Trump had called the nuclear agreement a disaster, suggesting that he would seek to renegotiate it
  5. Wonder what happens if he gets to ascend the throne!

Missiles for self defence, tests do not violate nuclear deal: Iran

  1. Context: Recently, Iran test fired ballistic missiles, supposedly to be for self defence
  2. The tests drew international concern and prompted a meeting of the 15-nation Security Council
  3. Statement: The ballistic missiles were for self-defense and recent tests did not violate the historic nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers
  4. Also, the missiles tested would never be used in aggression

Israel demands world powers punish Iran for missile tests

  1. Why? because, Iran test-fired 2 ballistic missiles emblazoned with the phrase Israel must be wiped out in Hebrew
  2. Context: U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on Iran to act with moderation, and U.S. ambassador to U.N. said the launches were provocative and destabilizing
  3. Iran’s stand: Missile tests do not violate Iran’s nuclear deal with world powers or U.N. Security Council resolutions
  4. UN Security Council resolution: Last year removing sanctions called on Iran not to undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles designed to deliver a nuclear weapon
  5. Israel demands: world powers had pledged to prevent Iran from such violations, so they should act on it

Normalising Iran

Tehran’s readmission to the world market offers opportunities Delhi must seize.

  1. Economic sanctions related to its nuclear programme — imposed by the US, EU and the UN — were lifted, following the IAEA’s confirmation of Tehran’s compliance with the terms of nuclear deal.
  2. But, Washington imposed fresh sanctions over Iran’s missile programme, pertaining to the test-fire of a precision-guided ballistic missile.
  3. US has only suspended its nuclear-related sanctions; it hasn’t terminated them.
  4. Non-nuclear economic sanctions imposed by the US remain in place, forbidding American citizens and firms from trading with Iran.
  5. All said and done, Iran is now back in the global market, ready to raise its production and export of oil, gain access to capital and investment.
  6. As India’s gateway to Central Asia, Iran is also a promising investment destination for India’s private sector in infrastructure, IT, petrochemicals, etc.
  7. As Other Asian economies, like China and Japan, rush in, India must move swiftly.

U.S. lifts sanctions; Iran comes in from the cold

Primary sanctions that bar U.S citizens and companies from business with Iran will remain.

  1. US removed a wide range of sanctions against Iran after International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) confirmed that Tehran has met its commitments to roll back its nuclear programme.
  2. The U.S has only removed secondary sanctions that restrict the dealings of other countries with Iran.
  3. The removal of restrictions on its oil, petrochemicals, banking, natural gas and port sectors will hugely benefit Iran and allow it to reenter the global market.
  4. This also help India’s plans in Iran, include the Chabahar port, an Indian Oil petrochemical plant and the proposed Iran–Pakistan–India (IPI) gas pipeline.

U.S.-Iran tensions on the rise again

Iran’s President has warned of reprisals if Washington resorts to further sanctions.

  1. This could jeopardise a hard-won nuclear deal due to be finally implemented within weeks.
  2. U.S. Treasury Department had planned to blacklist companies and individuals with ties to Iran’s ballistic missile programme.
  3. Since the nuclear deal was struck, U.S. officials say Iran has conducted two missile tests.
  4. The tests breached previous resolutions aimed at stopping Iran from developing missiles capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.

The Iran deal, a triumph for diplomacy


  1. US and Iran were pressed by political, economic and geopolitical factors to reach a comprehensive solutions to deep-rooted crises.
  2. Obama could not take forward Bush administration’s aggressive strategy against Iran due to the economic crisis that hit the world.
  3. US faced daunting challenges in Asia after 9/11, i.e. stabilising Iraq and Afghanistan, neutralising terror groups operating from within the region and dealing with Iran.
  4. It was the confluence of strategic interest in Iraq and Afghanistan and US’ need for an ally in the region to tackle IS, which led to Iran’s shift from spoiler power to stabilising power.

U.N. endorses Iran nuclear agreement

  1. UNSC unanimously endorsed the Iran – P5+1 nuclear deal agreement, paving the way for terminating sanctions against Iran.
  2. This move will boost the economy of Iran which was crippling under harsh sanctions imposed on it since 2006.

Obama defends Iran nuclear deal, Israel declares it a big mistake

  1. President Obama said the Iran nuclear deal is the only way to avert a nuclear arms race in the Middle East and reduce chances of war.
  2. The deal announced on Tuesday offers to roll back economic sanctions on Iran if it scales down its nuclear program.
  3. Israel PM Netanyahu has called this move to amicably suppress Iran a mistake of historic proportions.

Iran reaches historic nuclear deal

  1. The deal puts strict limits on Iran’s nuclear activities for at least a decade and calls for stringent U.N. oversight.
  2. The international arms embargo against Iran will remain for 5 years but deliveries would be possible with special permission of the UNSC.
  3. Sanctions had slashed Tehran’s oil exports by a quarter and choked its economy

Big hurdles still remain in Iran n-talks


  1. The main differences are on the pace and timing of sanctions relief for Iran and on the nature of monitoring mechanisms to ensure Tehran does not cheat on any agreement.
  2. U.S. and European negotiators also want to ensure there is a mechanism for restoring sanctions if Tehran fails to meet its commitments under any future accord

The road from Lausanne

  1. The Nuclear agreement has left many crucial details to be worked out in the next round of talks, including sequencing of sanctions-relief and details of inspection regime.
  2. Iran is expecting rapid relief on sanctions from UN and EU.
  3. US is looking for conclusive proof of Iranian compliance with the nuclear inspections and limiting Iran’s programme, before taking off sanctions.

  4. Israel has tried all efforts against this deal, which will later draw the international attention on the Israeli arsenal.
  5. If a deal is reached, it will significantly reduce the risk of further proliferation in the Middle East.

Iran-P5+1 talks: Breakthrough


Key Points:

  1. Iran and P5+1 agreed on the framework for a draft plan of action that would be ready by June 30th this year.
  2. The draft plan envisages to limit Iran’s nuclear programme for civilian nuclear activities only.
  3. The plan of action clearly states the no. of enrichment plants & centrifuges Iran will have access to, as well as their verification by IAEA.
  4. The UN will terminate all its resolutions sanctioning Iran, which had crippled its economy.
  5. The breakthrough deal will have wider geopolitical repercussions on all of West Asia, which is witnessing the results of the proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia
  6. The deal will bring big relief for India, who found it difficult to strengthen its civilizational ties with Tehran in face of international sanctions.

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