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Question 1)

Analyze how changes in latitude and altitude lead to variation in temperature and vegetation? (150 W)

Question 2)

Budget making in India is the sole prerogative of the Ministry of Finance. However, diverse opinions go into the process leading up to the presentation of Annual Budget. Provide a succinct illustration of the role of pressure groups in the budget making process of India. (150 W)

Question 3)

Do you think that farm size and productivity has an inverse relationship as assumed by our small and marginal farmers? Explain why? What are the important determinants/factors that can help increase farmers’ income? (200 W)

Question 4)

Ethics Case Study: Caste occupies distinct position in moulding the voting behaviour in India and this happens in spite of the adoption of several provisions which prohibits discrimination on the basis of caste. The political parties in India formulate their policies and election strategies always keeping in mind the caste factor. Even the candidates are selected keeping the caste factor in mind. Election campaigns are made in such a way that it makes the voters to feel their respective caste identities. How does caste determine political attitude and voting behavior of people? Do you think even after so many years of independence India has failed to segregate caste from politics? Critically comment. (150 W)


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