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Economics MCQs from an Intl. ECO Newspaper

I am posting these ones from some good newspapers sources. Donno how you will all appreciate but …

1. Gold tranche referes to…?
a.) A loan system of the World Bank
b.) One of the operations of a Central Bank
c.) A credit system granted by WTO to its members
d.) Quota holding norm under the IMF

2. The highest form of economic integration is
a.) European Economic Community
b.) European Union
c.) European Monetary Union

3. Refugee capital is?
a.) Investment made by refugees in the US
b.) Investment made by the UNCTAD in developing countries to empower the refugees
c.) Aid given y the World Bank to promote the welfare of refugees in war tone countries
d.) Investment made by developed country investors in developing countries

4. What is international development association?
a.) A voluntary association of developing countries
b.) A federation of International lending agencies
c.) An affiliate of World Bank
d.) An organization of donor countries of European Union

5. The REER is calculated with?
a.) Pound Sterling
b.) Dollar
c.) SDR
d.) A basket of selected currencies

6. The infant industry argument is often advocated wth?
a.) Price discrimination
b.) Product diversification
c.) Protection
d.) Resource mobilisation

7. Dumping aims at flooding a foreign country with…
a.) High-priced commodities
b.) Low-priced commodities
c.) Commodities with similar prices
d.) Commodities with fluctuating prices

Dil dhoondata hai fir wohi frusat ke din!

Guys and gals,

Kya kar rahe ho bhailogo…. Yahan to Indian Polity ke articles hi bhool gaya main waapis revision karne baitha to…

Filhaal koi soothing songs recommend kar do dosto… This is my first thread in BAKAR CD.

Has anyone read barkha duty's latest book?

I have never seen so much critical acclaim of a book in my entire life. amazon pe reviews dekho dosto…

down to earth has a very good series on indian budget

came across my Facebook feed….

have a look at this ––52981

2016 Budget for dummies – Easy explanation (with no jargons)

1) 60 per cent of provident fund withdrawals will be taxed from April 1, 2016, according to Budget 2016. Currently, withdrawals from Employee Provident Fund are completely exempt from income tax. (Negative for middle class)
2) Total allocation for agriculture sector has been hiked to Rs. 35,984 crore. (Positive for agrarian sector)
3) Thumbs up for MGNERGA: Government will spend a record Rs. 38,500 crore on rural jobs programme (MGNREGA). Rural road development schemes will get Rs. 19,000 crore, while another Rs. 20,000 crore will be used to fund irrigation schemes. (Positive to address rural stress as well as to create purchasing power in rural economy)
4) The finance minister allocated Rs. 2.21 lakh crore for building road and rail infrastructure. (Positive for everyone)
5) A new amnesty scheme for those holding unaccounted money and assets has been announced. Those declaring undisclosed income under this scheme will have to pay 45 per cent tax. (Negative for honest taxpayers. Also non-starter as nobody is going to pay 45% tax on black money)
6) some good changes in dispute redressal mechanism in income tax. (positive for taxpayers but negative for CA/Lawyer)
This budget is good combination of NDA and UPA policies. NDA has adopted AADHAR and MGNREGA with full covictions in this budgets. Trust this will give pro people (marginal population) direction to policies of the government.

Can someone please explain the gravitational waves?

In easy to understand layman terms, please….

gravitational waves detected? PM lauds india role. UPSC will surely lap it up!

Is anybody following the JNU issue??

What on earth is happening there guys! Please pitch in with most relevant clips and articles. I can’t understand this leftist charade anymore!

Trivia – difference b/w Central, state and all india service officer

Was reading it up at quora… found this…. abhi tak to mujhe pata bhi nahi tha…

There are broadly three types of government officers in India.

1: Central Government Officers

These officers are appointed by the Government of India and they work with a department (cadre) of the Government of India. The appointing authority is the President of India. These officers are appointed by the UPSC. The examples of such officers are IRS, IFS, IRTS who are appointed through Civil Services Examinations; IES, MES officers appointed through Engineering Services Examinations. They can work in State Government or in other Ministries of Central Government on deputation on equivalent rank.
They can be removed/dismissed by the Government of India.

2: State Government Officers

These officers are appointed through the State Public Service Commission by the State Governments. The appointing authority is the Governor of the State. The officers like PCS, BDO, AEE etc. are appointed as State service officers. They can be dismissed/removed by State Government.
They can also be promoted to All India Service (AIS) by UPSC/Government of India.

3: All India Service (AIS) officers

There are three AIS in India at present viz. IAS, IPS and IFoS (Indian Forest Service). These officers are appointed by the Government of India, but they work under the State Government.

Each AIS officer is allotted a cadre (State), where they work for life. However, they can work with Central Government or other State Government on deputation.

These officers can’t be removed by State Governments, which can only suspend them. The final decision to remove the officer lies with Central Government.


1. Can IAS officers work in different state as well?
2. State officer can become IAS. How long does it take?

Siachen tragedy could trigger demilitarisation

In June 1989, both sides announced that “there was agreement by both sides to work towards a comprehensive settlement, based on redeployment of forces to reduce the chance of conflict, avoidance of the use of force and the determination of future positions on the ground so as to conform with the Simla Agreement and to ensure durable peace in the Siachen area.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in 2005 suggested that the world’s highest battlefield be converted into a “peace mountain” without the redrawing of boundaries.

I think this news can be a criss cross of border security + disaster management + historic context (Benazir Bhutto and Rajiv Gandhi agreement)?

SWOT Analysis of Indian Political System

I bet ki kissi ne isse awesome speaker nahi dekha hoga. Mind blowing speech by the great JP Narayan on India as a democracy. Mentioning 4 important pillars which we miss out –

1. Competitive elections
2. Political Freedom
3. The winners don’t punish the losers
4. Elected govt is truly in power

what's everyone studying???

Bhai/ behno –

Kaun kaun kya pad raha hai… i just started laxmikanth from the worst section ever- FR and F duties… Bored to death!

Optionals going out this year?

Many of us are asking whether to choose this subject or the other but are optionals going out this year? Last year they released the notifications just in the nick of time and CSAT was made passing only…

Except for pure humanities optionals, I don’t think others would be having much problem…. I have philosophy

Is Jalikattu similar to the western bull fighting sport?

I am trying to understand similarities here… when we say that it is cruel etc. are the references and images drawn from the west?

Trivia enthusiasts? The non serious, non IAS kinds?


Preparing for civils smtyms gets boring… are there any trivia enthusiasts here? I have seen a lot of great quizzes over time and history geography yaar rakhne ka easy way hai that you watch a few quizzes (heritage india, abc etc etc) and hope that few of the questions stick with you….

I will just start with a few…

#1. What’s common with these people in the images? What’s the link which connects all of them?