Climate Change Impact on India and World – International Reports, Key Observations, etc.

Eastern India most vulnerable to climate change, says study


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level: Vulnerability Index

Mains level: Paper 3- Vulnerability to climate change

About the report

  • Published this week, the report on ‘Climate vulnerability assessment for adaptation planning in India using a common framework’ was conducted in 2019-2020 across 29 States.
  • It was part of a capacity building programme under the National Mission on Sustaining the Himalayan Ecosystem and National Mission on Strategic Knowledge for Climate Change.
  • The report was prepared by IISc, IIT-Mandi and IIT-Guwahati.

Major findings

  • Along with Chhattisgarh in central India, Jharkhand, Mizoram, Odisha, Assam, Bihar, Arunachal Pradesh, and West Bengal are the eight most vulnerable States.
  • These eight most vulnerable States require prioritisation of adaptation interventions.
  • Jharkhand, with the highest vulnerability indices VI of 0.674, topped the list of States most vulnerable to climate change.
  • The major drivers for the vulnerability of all the States included lack of forest area per 1,000 rural population, lack of crop insurance, marginal and small operational land holding, low density of health workers, low participation of women in the workforce, yield variability of food grains, and a high proportion of the population below the poverty line.
  • Tamil Nadu and Kerala are among seven States that are the least vulnerable but there’s more to it meets the eye.
  • However, the vulnerability indices (VIs) for these seven States range from the lowest of 0.419 for Maharashtra to 0.468 for Uttarakhand, which is on the higher side.

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