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[pib] Kailash – Mansarovar Yatra Route from Dharchula to Lipulekh


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level: Various passes in news, BRO

Mains level: India's border connectivity and the role of BRO

The Border Roads Organisation (BRO) has completed the construction of road from Dharchula to Lipulekh along the China Border, famously known as Kailash-Mansarovar Yatra Route.

We can expect a prelims question asking to arrange few passes from West to East or vice versa. Click here to get through all such Himalayan Passes.

Darchula – Lipulekh road

  • The road is an extension of Pithoragarh-Tawaghat-Ghatiabagarh road. In this 80 Km road, the altitude rises from 6000 feet to 17,060 feet.
  • It originates from Ghatiabagarh in Uttarakhand and terminates at Lipulekh Pass, the gateway to Kailash Mansarovar.
  • With the completion of this project, the arduous trek through treacherous high-altitude terrain can now be avoided by the Pilgrims of Kailash Mansarovar Yatra and the period of journey will be reduced by many days.

(Note: The Lipulekh Pass links Uttarakhand with China’s Tibetan Autonomous Region.)


  • At present, the travel to Kailash Mansarovar takes around two to three weeks through Sikkim or Nepal routes.
  • Lipulekh route had a trek of 90 Km through high altitude terrain and the elderly yartris faced lot of difficulties.
  • Now, this yatra will get completed by vehicles.

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Back2Basics: Border Roads Organisation (BRO)

  • The BRO develops and maintains road networks in India’s border areas and friendly neighboring countries and functions under the Ministry of Defence.
  • It is entrusted for construction of Roads, Bridges, Tunnels, Causeways, Helipads and Airfields along the borders.
  • Officers from the Border Roads Engineering Service (BRES) and personnel from the General Reserve Engineer Force (GREF) form the parent cadre of the Border Roads Organisation.
  • It is also staffed by officers and troops drawn from the Indian Army’s Corps of Engineers on extra regimental employment.
  • The BRO operates and maintains over 32,885 kilometers of roads and about 12,200 meters of permanent bridges in the country.

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User Avatar
4 years ago

This is a good initiatives. After the completion of construction of road many people can have a visit to kailash mansarovar.. thanks

User Avatar
4 years ago

Why is BRO getting so active these days in the areas which have a connectivity to China?
In the March month also, they completed one road construction in AP.

User Avatar
4 years ago
Reply to  Nikhil Gupta

to prepare for China borders secure and entire region remote regions coming among them and certainly for our pilgrimage too

User Avatar
4 years ago
Reply to  Nikhil Gupta

There are certain things or questions one should never discuss online at/on public platforms, national security comes first.

User Avatar
4 years ago

JAI BHOLENATH,…Hats of to BRO. and Indian Govt ,I was looking for road to shri kailash mansarova ,and I got the nearest route ready by one year though thanks to entire organisation jai Bholenath


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