Tiger Conservation Efforts – Project Tiger, etc.

Places in news: Buxa Tiger Reserve


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Prelims level: Buxa Tiger Reserve

Mains level: Success of Tiger Conservation

In a major success for tiger conservation, a photograph of a tiger was captured in a camera trap in West Bengal’s Buxa Tiger Reserve since 1998.

Locate all major tiger reserves in India.

Buxa Tiger Reserve

  • Buxa Tiger Reserve is a tiger reserve in northern West Bengal, India, covering an area of 760 km2 (290 sq mi).
  • In altitude, it ranges from 60 m in the Gangetic Plains to 1,750 m bordering the Himalayas in the north.
  • Its northern boundary runs along the international border with Bhutan.
  • The Sinchula hill range lies all along the northern side of BTR and the eastern boundary touches that of the Assam state.

Key features of BTR

  • It is the easternmost extension of extreme bio-diverse North-East India and represents highly endemic Indo-Malayan region.
  • The fragile “Terai Eco-System” constitutes a part of this reserve.
  • The Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary of Bhutan is contiguous to the north of BTR.
  • It serves as an international corridor for Asian elephant migration between India and Bhutan.


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