Earth Overshoot

Earth Overshoot

What lies ahead of overshoot?

  1. Ecological overshoot is only possible for a limited time before ecosystems begin to degrade and possibly collapse
  2. Impacts: Already apparent in soil erosion, desertification, reduced cropland productivity, overgrazing, deforestation
  3. Also rapid species extinction, fisheries collapse and increased carbon concentration in the atmosphere
Earth Overshoot

India’s ecological footprint

  1. India ranks 3rd in its ecological footprint due to its high population levels despite a low per capita consumption of natural resources
  2. Top 2: China and USA
  3. National Footprint Accounts 2016 by World Bank: Cropland and forest footprints were the largest components of India’s overall ecological footprint, until the late 1980s
  4. Carbon footprint: Took over in the late 2000s & India’s carbon footprint currently makes up 53% of the country’s overall Ecological Footprint
Earth Overshoot

The world has already finished off this year’s quota of natural resources

  1. News: According to World Wildlife Fund (WWF), on August 8, the world exhausted nature’s budget of natural resources for the entire year as a result of increased consumption levels
  2. This day is observed as Earth Overshoot Day which marked the beginning of the world operating in overshoot for the rest of the year by exerting excess pressure on the planet for any resources drawn
  3. Global Footprint Network: Calculates overshoot data
  4. Dooming: With population growth and increasing consumption, Earth Overshoot Day has moved from late September in 2000 to August 8 this year

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