Economics made easy by Manasi Phadke

These are columns by Manasi Phadke, and after you read these you will realise how to integrate economics into your everyday life!

Manasi is a consultant economist and analyst. She is visiting Faculty @Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, and has a column in The Hindu Business Line.

Articles below are reproduced with her permission –

Will NOTA work for India? – Pulses and teenagers!

The Metaphorical Faux Pas of the Central Banker – A one-eyed king in the land of the blind. Uh-oh!

Budget Humour – Should budgets be philosophical or filmy?

Thought for food: Coco(a) Bonds and Dosa Economics! – It’s not the dosa, stupid. It’s the tawa!

A brief history of the Greek crisis: A ppt format – Greek Crisis summarised in a ppt.

Hard targets – Inside the FM’s mind.

Econ Mom as the Finance Commission, Hubby as the Planning Commission – Using pocketmoney to explain planning!

A new Parliament building, please! – Let’s put nation building on hold. First, the Parliament building, please.

Delhi traffic: At odds and evens – Delhi’s GDP and pollution.

Cop out at COP 21! – Simple explanation of COP21.

Pay Commission 007: Bond’s Spectre pales before India’s Spectre!

Divine Humor: When Deity goes wrong!

US Fed Funds Rate will rise in 2016

PM Modi’s Big Boss House!

Econ Mom talks Mann ki Baat on Land Ordinance

The Bahubali of a Devaluation!

Making the “Most” out of Indian “Post” Office Payment Banks

Will the US raise interest rates in September?

Nursery Rhymes, SDRs and Devaluation of the Yuan

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