[update] Special GS columns with an interdisciplinary approach for Mains Examination 2017 by K Siddhartha

K Siddhartha (http://www.ksiddhartha.com) is an internationally known Earth Scientist, Advisor to Governments, Educationist, Author and and Mentor with 40 books, and 1401 qualified Civil Servants to his credit. We will be carrying a series of his articles having an intra & interdisciplinary approach for IAS Mains 2017.

New Columns

Urban Drainage – Components, Case of Chennai floods


Essay pointers – The only meaning of success is leading your life the way you want

Essay pointers – Justice is not in Law, Justice is all about how we treat each other

Geophysical Events: Thunderstorm and Lightning

Nuclear and Radiological Disasters

Air Quality Standards

Smart cities have a viability gap

Should India aim for soft power or hard power?

What is heritage erosion and how can we manage it?

What are the components of heritage?

Collapse of the Soviet Union

World History – European Dominance

Forest Fires

The Ethics of Environment is Environmental Ethics

India – Challenges of External Security | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Let us know the perils of interlinking as a drought proofing mechanism – In the light of water scarcity that has plagued Maharashtra, a lot of talk is going to revive the interlinking of the rivers plan.

Everything that you need to know about recent advances in Nuclear Fusion – Chinese just came a step closer to creating an artificial sun. Get to know what India is upto!

It’s all about corals – Corals that have been in news on account of El Nino. Let’s take a quick byte at it!

What do we mean by Glacial Harvesting? – Artificial glaciers created by diverting meltwater to prepare for the uncertain future!

Arctic Sea melting and its impact on geopolitics – Implications of the melting of Arctic ice on geopolitics.

Everything that you want to know about blizzards | Part 1 | Part 2 – Everything you wanted to know about blizzards!

Shale gas can transform energy geopolitics. But how? – Significance of exploring this avenue of energy in the Indian context.


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