Internal Security

Extremism- Introduction, causes

Naxalism | History and evolution

Naxalism | Ideology, objectives, modus operandi and the factors responsible for its rise

Naxalism | Security threats posed by it

Naxalism | Government strategy and the way ahead

Developmental issues related to rise and spread of extremism

Efforts by Government to address Extremism

Basics of cybersecurity

Challenges to internal security through communication networks

Role of media and social networking sites in internal security challenges

Money-laundering- Introduction and causes

Regulation of Money Laundering in India

Regulation of Money Laundering – International Laws/Conventions

Social Diversity as Issues of Security Threat

Challenges from within

The Northeast Insurgency | Understanding the region

The Northeast Insurgency | Factors responsible, the challenges being faced and impact

The Northeast Insurgency | Government response and the way ahead

Jammu and Kashmir Issue | History and Root cause analysis

Jammu and Kashmir Issue | Recent developments and the surrounding issues

Jammu and Kashmir Issue | Government steps and the way ahead

Neighbors as Issue of Security Threat

Role of external state and non-state actors in creating challenges to internal security

History and Changing face of Terrorism

Cross-Border Terrorism | What does it mean for the World & India? 

Linkage of organized crime with terrorism and terror funding

Cross-Border Terrorism | Indian institutions dealing with the issue

Broader Framework to Deal with Terrorism

Various Security forces and agencies and their mandate

National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID)

National Counter Terrorism Center (NCTC)


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