Foreign Policy Watch: India-Australia

Sep, 20, 2016

Indian, Australian artistes come together in Sydney

  1. As a part of the ongoing Confluence- Festival of India in Australia, artistes from across disciplines collaborated with each other
  2. Examples: Aboriginal dancers from Australia shared the stage with the Pung Cholom dancers from India’s Manipur, and a Western a cappella group sang with Indian classical singers
  3. The festival was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in November 2014
May, 07, 2016

Australia offers multiple-entry visa to Indians

  1. A three year multiple entry visitor’s visa to Indians by Australian govt
  2. Now Indians can go to Australia many times on the same visa
  3. Will be implemented from July 2016
  4. Benefit: To boost Australia’s tourism growth
  5. Already implemented in Thailand, Vietnam, Chile
Feb, 11, 2016

India Australia Energy Security Dialogue Held at Canberra

  1. India had an Energy Security Dialogue with Australian Ministry for Resources, Energy and Northern Australia
  2. Ministry of power emphasised the need to make the Energy Dialogue a regular feature with alternate year meetings in each of the 2 countries
  3. During the dialogue, 5 new working groups be set up in the energy field –
  • Renewables and grid integration
  • Clean Coal technologies for efficient power generation
  • Energy Skill development
  • LNG and Coal Gasification
  • Energy efficiency and Smart grids
Feb, 04, 2016

India to defer finalizing trade pact with Australia

India to defer finalizing a trade deal with Australia until the multi-country Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) talks come to a conclusion

  1. Australia is part of the RCEP. India thinks it may lose its leveraging power by finalizing a trade deal ahead of the RCEP deal
  2. A bilateral trade deal with Australia has to be an improvement over the RCEP
  3. Hence, there is no point signing an agreement with Australia ahead of the RCEP deal
  4. Australia has been very keen to sign the agreement but both sides missed the December target
  5. Australian trade minister Andrew Robb visited India four times in 2015 to convince India to fast-track the trade deal
Nov, 17, 2015

India, Australia seal N-deal procedures

  1. The procedures for a civil nuclear agreement with Australia for supply of uranium has been completed.
  2. This opens doors for the much-needed uranium supply for India’s nuclear reactors.
  3. India will be the I country to buy Australian uranium without being a signatory to the NPT.
  4. The significant part of the agreement is that Australia agreed to become a long-term reliable supplier of uranium to India.
Oct, 28, 2015

Nuclear pact with India to be ready soon, says Australia

Sep, 10, 2015

Australian panel gives conditional nod for N-deal

Sep, 03, 2015

Economic cooperation top priority: Australia

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