13th September

12th September

11th September

10th September

8th September

All about the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Don't just read through Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan - An IAS aspirant should analyse it through the lens of historical events, social factors at play, government defined objectives, issues with financial certainty.

5th September

What Constitutes a Good Answer for UPSC Mains?

During preparation, one needs to focus on writing a good answer, right? So what is a good answer - that is a million dollar question? Mains exam questions reveal many things about word limit, keywords like analyse, critically comment etc, analytical demand of question etc.

Syrian Civil War and The Refugee Crisis

Want to know how the Syrian Civil War broke out ? We know what you people will think now - It is not possible to visit the war-torn country at the moment. Why not! Come on let us travel to Syria through this article.

2nd September

1st September

29th August

28th August

27th August

26th August

Prelims Over – What Next?

Read the syllabus, again. Have a well chalked-out plan and execute it. We can and we will hold your hand to success. The Mains strategy should be out by tomorrow. Let's get cracking!


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