Science & Technology


Science and Technology has emerged as one of the most dynamic subjects of the UPSC Exam. Questions are now exclusively current affairs based. Memorising NCERTs from 6th standard onwards is no longer the requirement. In-depth technical understanding of various issues is also not required. You need to have a broad idea of various topics in the news and their applied knowledge. As an example, you don’t need to know the details of various payloads of the Astrosat Satellite, but you need to know its objectives, what India aims to gain from it and similar missions around the globe.

Our material is packed with images and videos(mostly from govt. sites) to develop a good understanding of various topics. We’ve observed questions being framed directly from here. Let us know in comments if you dont understand a concept, we will help you out.


1. Biotechnology – Basics of Cell, Nucleus, Chromosomes, DNA, RNA, Genes, Codons, Amino acids, etc.

2. Biotechnology – Genetic Engineering

3. Biotechnology – Stem Cells

4. Health – Diseases

5. Health – Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)