Interview Program

Interview Transcript – Anand

Board – Sujatha Mehta Mam

Background – Vishakhapatnam, Telangana.
Profile – product design, customs


– Tell me about your educational background
– What after graduation
– Explain product design
– What parameters do you check while designing a product
– How do you explain the evolution of mobiles until Apple smartphone
– How do you incorporate the ease of use in mobiles
– How do you explain sustainable development
– Do we need polluting industries like a ship breaking in India
– How will balance environmental protection with employment generation in this regard


– What is environment performance index
– What parameters are included in it
– Why is Vishakapatnam projected as a future hub for investment
– Impact of 2004 tsunami on Vizag
– Forest types in eastern ghats
– Explain Biodiversity Act 2002


– Why is China blocking India’s entry into NSG
– States with the highest forest area
– Role of customs in wildlife and forest conservation
– Name an endangered species


– Name the national park adjacent to your campus (IIT Madras)
– What’s the area of the park
– What’s the smallest national park in India
– What are the environmental issues in your campus
– Fauna in the campus
– Type of vegetation in the campus

– Impact of MGNREGA in Telangana
– How MGNREGA is related to forestry
– What are SDGs
– SDGs associated with environment
– How success of achieving SDG 1 and 2 are related with SDGs related to an environment
– Forest cover in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh
– Forest types in Telangana
– Red Sanders
– Green trading

– How do you promote environmental awareness in rural areas
– Is there anything you want to ask to the panel

Interview Program

Interview Transcript – Kasturi Sule

Interview date : 05/2/2018

Board – Nagrajan madam


– so kasturi seeing your daf its so varied…we saw you do so many things. So why DON’T u tell us about yourself in your own words.
– apart from your nature trekking and bird watching what interests you to join the ifos
– OK, so the people have attracted you to it. But DON’T you think the people itself are sometimes at conflict with forest dept. Where do you think can the people be at conflict ?
– what are the reasons of such conflicts( she sighted many like attitude , land etc and then came back to original question) ..what do u think is point of conflict ?
– so what steps do u think can be taken ?



M1- you said that colonial mentality is there, do you think it can be changed ?
M1- indigenous people only harm forest then how forest can be conserved
M1- u think u can change the mentality of people n forest dept? To get cordination
U will have to face lot of opposition and pressure from u have conviction?
M1- if you have to do urban forestry then what steps you will take ?
M1- so first thing you shud do is xompre with best practices world wide. OK?
One last question- why u did pub ad after engg
M1- ok have h qualified for civil mains.
M1- what new u learnt through pub ad?



M3- you did lot of trekking. What are eight thousanders?
M3- any peaks in India?
M3- which rare bird that you saw and you felt very great after seeing it?
M3 so do u Cary binocs?
M3- so you play keyboard n guitar. U sing n play or only play
M3- keyboard is easy or guitar
M3- what music you play lead or chord?
M3- in keyboard what music you play?


M4- what is in situ and ex situ conservation
M4- what is community reserve then
M4- wat is climax vegetation?

Thank you

Announcements Interview Program

Mock Interview Series – Galave Machhindra Uttam

Machhindra (PSIR optional, Hindi medium) is a candidate who is an absolute inspiration for anyone and everyone. This young lad from Maharashtra comes from the most humble of all backgrounds – farming. Much of his preparation has happened in his village.

His replies are crisp, unambiguous and balanced even when faced with a stern interviewer on controversial topics. This interview is for everyone. Machhindra proves that despite modest credentials, in the end, all that matters is one’s attitude.

Announcements Interview Program

Mock Interview Series – Vishal Singh

This energetic mechanical engineer from IIT Guwahati has a DAF that can fill anyone with awe. The diversity of his extra-curriculars are equivalent to his academic feats. But, nothing attracts the inquisitiveness of the interview board more than a rich DAF. Watch this electrifying session for life-changing tips on interview prep.




Announcements Interview Program

*Urgent – Mock Interviews start Tomorrow. Enrol Now.


The interviews will start tomorrow. We plan to have a session on IR with Dr. Saikia. To view the previous session click here.

Interview timings and slots have been emailed to all the students who have applied. 

We still have 2 slots remainings.
Please mail in your DAF to to reserve a slot.

Will happen on a first-come-first-serve basis.


Always at your corner

Announcements Interview Program

*Urgent – Mock Interviews Round 2 on coming Thursday 21st Feb

After a successful Round 1, we are delighted to announce that we are conducting the 2nd round of Mock Interviews on the 21st Feb – Coming Thursday. 
Our previous session was very well appreciated by all candidates facing the interviews.
Venue – Statesman House, Barakhamba Road near Connaught Place. (This we believe is convenient for everyone).
Students who are available in Delhi should confirm their availability on the 21st by dropping an email to
We are assuming that all of you have already emailed us your DAFs. In case you haven’t please do so. We have to spend time on it to ensure better quality.
*Slots will be handed over on a first come first serve basis*.
Besides our beloved VP Sir who has been mentoring candidates for years, we have roped in Dr. Makhan Saikia,  Mr. Rohit Pande and Mr. Rakesh Dalal.
The details of the panelists are as follows –

Virendra Pratap Singh did is B.Tech from IIT Kharagpur in 2003. He joined the services with immense experience in the Private Sector working across domains in high profile companies like Tata Steel, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, and Tata Motors. He has consistently scored very high marks in interviews. His 2009 score of 213/300 was among the toppers.

His insights have proved to be very helpful to aspirants appearing for exams year after year.

Dr. Saikia is an Author & Expert on International Affairs and Foreign Policy. He has an MA & M. Phil (Pol. Sc.) JNU, New Delhi and Ph.D (Globalization and Governance). His schedule is packed with Conferences and Talks at various national and international forums. At present is he working on a book on major conflicts worldwide. Very rarely he can be seen expressing his opinion for The Pioneer

We believe his immense knowledge on critical contemporary issues will benefit the students and help them face the actual interview with confidence. He will be holding an informal round-table session with all the candidates present on high probable topics.

Mr. Pande, Consultant Tata Trust and understands India’s social sector in great depth. He has a B.Tech from IIT Guwahati with certification in Public Policy. He has interacted with almost every big NGO in our country and has traveled far and wide working with governments and startups trying to upgrade services for the needy and poor.
His ground-level insights will help students enrich their answers wrt social problems faced by India.
Rakesh Sir is a popular figure with Civilsdaily Junta.Man of many degrees – MA, MBA and Political Analyst with a passion for books. Takes out time to read a minimum of 4 books/month on various issues. He knows the interviews in and out and has been instrumental in pinpointing the issues with candidates.

All the panelists are up to date with the latest trends in UPSC interview. They have been associated with UPSC candidates and have kept a tab on the changing format of the exam and the interviews.
This will be an enriching experience with a lot of learning.
Another important point. We want your support to help this interview program evolve into something phenomenal.
While we wish all of you are selected, the hard truth is some of you will be giving the interviews next year. We want to put a system in place where we record your performance in the mocks this year, then get details from you on how your actual interview went. Next year, we assess how your responses have matured.
This might sound bleh at this point and you’d think who cares about next year. But its only by maintaining continuity can we create real value for you.
Hence, we will encourage informal questions, suggestions to our team (not the panelists).
Always at your corner
Interview Program

Interview Transcript – Kunal Aggarwal

This script would be of great help to everyone having PSIR as optional.
It gives a glimpse of a good probing interview/conversation. All of you are requested to understand the pattern of interview clearly depicted here.

Board – Sujatha Mehta Mam
Background – Sonipat, Haryana

– Education – B.Tech, Comp Sci, IIT Hyderabad
– Job – 3 years as Software Developer at Goldman Sachs
– Hobbies – Cooking, Watching TV Shows


– Can you introduce yourself focussing on your education and job?
– When did you leave your job?
– What did you do in your job?
– Were you developing software for in-house clients or outside?
– What is that you were working on?
– Have you read the article on medical implants?
– tell me about it


– Why does Haryana have high economic growth but low social development?
– I answered but he seemed unconvinced
– How is Bangladesh developing? Why it has better social parameters than India?


– Why are there so many vacancies in engineering colleges?
– Why do people move to other fields?
– Why the majority are not working in technical fields?
– “We can not innovate” – do you agree? what do you think about it?
– B.Tech can not innovate but M.Tech can?


– Means and Ends discussion
– Are means important?
– Isn’t that the case that sometimes consequences are very important?
– Have you heard the word critical thinking? With thinking we attach many prefixes like lateral thinking, innovative thinking. Tell me what is innovative thinking?
– Then, what is lateral thinking?
– What is ignorance?
– What is the difference between ignorance and ignoring?


– How did you get the inspiration to join civil services from a good job?
– What do you look forward to in civil services?
– So, let’s give you a challenge. Suppose there is an encroachment on the middle of a road. You have to demolish it but the elected representative does’t want it to be demolished?
– He has a personal stake, won’t allow. Then?
– He has business there. Then?
– Do you think India’s Pakistan policy is a failure?
– Has the army been able to tackle it?
– Then, what do you think of yesterday’s event (attack on CRPF convoy)? Should we talk to Pakistan?
– What should we do with Pakistan?

M2 – Tell me your one strength. Then, he confirmed are you sure? Then, tell me one weakness as well. Tried to probe on how and why? Chairman passed intervened and asked the next member.

Announcements Interview Program

Interview Enrichment Program – Mock interviews

Dear students,

We are starting to release the mock interview videos. The playlist is being maintained here.

It is well known that the interview is the third and final stage of the CSE. But, the importance of this stage is often underestimated. Despite being a fraction of the total marks in the exam, its weightage is tremendous when it comes to the final rank a candidate gets. Many times it is the interview that makes or breaks your dream of joining the elite clique of civil servants.

It is vital to realise that cracking the interview is an ‘art’ as well as a ‘science’, both of which are intrinsically connected. In order to understand this enigma, Civils Daily studied the interview to the bone and the findings were shared with the student community through the free lectures of Sh. V.P. Singh (IRTS, 2009).

We went one step further and conducted mock interviews based on the findings of our research. The mocks were taken by a distinguished panel of experts including Dr. Makhan Saikia (published author and faculty of Pol. Sc.), Sh. V.P. Singh (IRTS, 2009) and Mr. Rakesh Dalal (Core Faculty and Mentor, CD). The comprehensive assessment has been done on parameters like:

  1. Integrity
  2. Leadership
  3. Critical power of assimilation
  4. Openness to new ideas
  5. A clear and logical expression
  6. Balance of judgement
  7. Mental alertness
  8. Emotional stability
  9. Body language

The mocks not just corroborated the strengths of the candidates, but, and more importantly; revealed hidden shortcomings which could have proved deadly in the actual interview.

The following are the links of the mock interviews taken on 8th January 2019 for your reference:


Personifying a ‘never-say-die attitude’, Kunal is a charismatic young man whose passion for civil services is equated by his calm composure and balanced replies in this ‘stress interview’. After his B.Tech (Computer Sc. and Engineering) from IIT, Hyderabad; Kunal had been working in a reputed MNC for 3 yrs until his decision to take on the UPSC. This mock interview will be most beneficial to those having PSIR optional and to those dejected with multiple attempts at CSE.


With a passion for teaching and serving the underprivileged, this electronics and communication engineer from NSIT, Delhi has balanced his job with social service. With PSIR as his optional subject and an intriguing social service profile, Rohit made a classic interview candidate. His replies further kindled the interview panel’s curiosity. Watch this session to find out what could be those obscure contradictions in your DAF that could cost you your dream job.


This energetic mechanical engineer from IIT Guwahati has a DAF that can fill anyone with awe. The diversity of his extracurriculars are equivalent to his academic feats. But, nothing attracts the inquisitiveness of the interview board more than a rich DAF. Watch this electrifying session for life-changing tips on interview prep.

CD has done its part in making this ordeal of a stage more intelligible and less daunting. It is now your turn to roll the ball further with your valuable feedback and active cooperation.

Let 2019 be the year you make history!!

Team CD

Don’t miss out on the program – Click here to know more


Announcements Interview Program

[Video] Importance of DAF – V P Singh, IRPS (Interview Topper)

Lecture 2 of the Interview Program is now live. Click here to watch Lecture 1. 

Click here for Program Details. Click here for Importance of our Telegram Community. 

Many aspirants did not understand DAF fully and thus faced unexpected questions in the interview. This lecture is to address that issue.

Analyze the DAF and understand the Do’s and Don’ts in DAF Filling.


About VP Singh, IRPS

Virendra Pratap Singh did is B.Tech from IIT Kharagpur in 2003. He joined the services with immense experience in the Private Sector working across domains in high profile companies like Tata Steel, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, and Tata Motors. He has consistently scored very high marks in interviews. His 2009 score of 213/300 was among the toppers.

His insights have proved to be very helpful to aspirants appearing for exams year after year.

Students are requested to email their DAF to to enrol in the program. Complete details can be accessed by clicking on the link below –

Launching Mock Interviews + Personality Development Program(PDP) for Interview Round

Announcements Interview Program

Interview Program – 5 reasons to join the exclusive telegram group


The Interview Program is in Full-Swing. The complete details are mentioned here.

Last year we created a Telegram group exclusively for students appearing for the interviews and mentors. These proved to be immensely beneficial. We request all students who have cleared mains to email us on for access so they could join the community efforts.

Here are some snippets of what happened last year –

1. Real-time experiences were shared. These gave everyone an idea of the kind of questions that were asked and what different boards were looking for. Click on attached screenshots.   

2. Students were able to predict standard questions being asked by panelists. They then brainstormed the most appropriate answer. This made students more confident. 


3. Important Study Material was shared and discussed 


4. Important issues discussed. See below the discussions on AFSPA and other important topics. 


5. BONUS  – V P Singh Sir asking students to pull up their sleeves.


And finally, the good news followed!


This year’s program takes it to a whole new level. Click here to see the details. 

Launching Mock Interviews + Personality Development Program(PDP) for Interview Round

Announcements Interview Program

What UPSC expects from candidates in an IAS Interview – V P Singh, IRPS (Interview Topper)

VP Singh Sir understands the insider stuff of the interview program. He discusses the gazette notification.

Students are requested to email their DAF to

Complete details of the program are as follows –

About VP Singh, IRPS –

Virendra Pratap Singh did is B.Tech from IIT Kharagpur in 2003. He joined the services with immense experience in the Private Sector working across domains in high profile companies like Tata Steel, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, and Tata Motors. He has consistently scored very high marks in interviews. His 2009 score of 213/300 was among the toppers.

His insights have proved to be very helpful to aspirants appearing for exams year after year


Announcements Interview Program

Launching Mock Interviews + Personality Development Program(PDP) for Interview Round


The importance of the 3rd round of exam – The Personal Interview, cannot be underscored. If you perform exceptionally well, it will help you compensate for your any shortage in your mains score. At its worst, it will undo the hard work that you put in to get a high score in mains and push you to a lower service.


People who have cleared the mains generally don’t face any difficulty in navigating through the interviews. However, we have come across many cases that have failed to perform exceptionally well. Hence, we want to work towards a robust program.


The approach followed by coaching institutes to mock interview programs is very unstructured. You present before a panel and are asked questions one after the other. If you fail to answer them, you are asked to prepare those topics. In the next round, you are asked a completely different set of questions independent of your first round of performance.

We want to follow a very different approach. It is not about merely answering ad-hoc questions but testing your capabilities across the following competencies.


1. Economy

2. International Relations

3. Governance and social issues

4. Current Affairs


DAF Specific 

1. Past background

2. Hometown/state information

3. Hobbies

4. Your optional subject


Here is how the program will work

General guidelines –  

1. Mail us your DAF with filename changed to yourname-rollnumber and subject as PDP yournamerollnumber. 

2. In the email, tell us what areas you feel require special attention/are most uncomfortable with.

3. We will join you to our exclusive telegram group.

4. You can connect with students from the same hometown/city & hobbies. This will help you collaborate and prepare these competencies better.

5. The telegram group will be moderated by our panelists who will answer your general queries and pose relevant questions.

6. We will try to pose stress based question regularly so you have

7. At the same time, we will be posting videos and notes which we believe can be of help in tackling the interview program.

Individual focus 

1. 1-1 online/on-call interviews with our panelists.

2.  2nd round of mocks will be held offline.

3. DAF specific material wherever possible.

We will sincerely try to help all our students. However, the program will require few iterations to be perfected. We hope to collect information on specific hobbies and hometown/city so they can be of help for future aspirants. We look to your cooperation in this regard.

Our Panel 

We have a commitment from the following academicians, seasoned bureaucrats, and subject matter experts. They believe in our cause and are willing to put in hours to train aspirants.

Virendra Pratap Singh, IRPS

Virendra Pratap Singh did is B.Tech from IIT Kharagpur in 2003. He joined the services with immense experience in the Private Sector working across domains in high profile companies like Tata Steel, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, and Tata Motors. He has consistently scored very high marks in interviews. His 2009 score of 213/300 was among the toppers.

His insights have proved to be very helpful to aspirants appearing for exams year after year.

Dr. Makhan Saikia 

Dr. Saikia is an Author & Expert on International Affairs. He holds an MA & M. Phil (Pol. Sc.) from JNU and Ph.D (Globalization and Governance) from TISS, Mumbai.
He has taught at some of the finest universities.
Occasionally, he has written for various newspapers.
His articles can be found here.


Vipul Shrivastava, IPS

Vipul Shrivastava did his B.Tech from IIT Powai. He was one of the highest scorers during his time. He is presently also dedicating time to help aspirants with their essay preparation.

Dr. Vipin Garg, IAS  

Dr. Vipin Garg is a Founding Mentor at Civilsdaily. He did his MBBS from AIIMS and then moved to the services. He was the highest scorer in CSE Interview 2016 with 209 marks. His notes and insights have been of immense help to the students.

Rohit Pande, Consultant  Social Enterprises

Rohit Pande is a Founding Mentor at Civilsdaily. He did his B.Tech from IIT Guwahati. After a stint in various consulting roles across top firms, he is exploring problems in the social sector and has immense ground level knowledge about issues in waste management, education, health, and financial services. His insights can be extremely useful as discussion points in the interview.

Our faculty members who are well aware of recent trends and have immense experience with the interview rounds will also be working with you.

Here are the links to Mock Interviews –

Interview Enrichment Program – Mock interviews


Interview Program

[Interview Transcripts 2018] Dinakar PK

Smitha Nagaraj Board

Session: Forenoon session

Optional: Sociology

Hometown: Bangalore

1st preference IPS!

Interview Transcript

Chairman: so you’re from Bangalore?
C: see Rajnikanth is entering politics. Some people claim he belongs to Karnataka, TN, and Maharashtra how do you see this ?!
C: people associating him with Tamil pride. How do you see this?
C: can a Bihari become chief minister of Karnataka?
C : Asked about Jallikattu!
C: So violent protests happen. You’re aspiring to be an officer how do you see the ingredients of the movements? (I told )
Madam pointed about funds! I said yes and agreed.
C : can you analyse any movement in the last two decades ?( I used pen and paper )
Lady Member 1: what’s the term associated with Rajnikanth?
M1: he doesn’t hold authority? Is ethnicity not the term ?!
M1: difference between family and household?
M1: Belgium issue
M1: so what’s the step by Karnataka govt ?!
M1: just by creating 2nd assembly problem is solved ?!
Member 2: recollect any two terrorist attacks in India ?!
M2: who are behind these terrorist attacks !?
M2: name those terrorist organization ?!
M2: do you know their leaders(their leadership keeps changing so I haven’t followed it sir )
M2: steps taken after 26/11 ?!
M2: other steps ?!
M2: source of terror funding?
M2: how to prevent terror funding?
M2: how far demonetization successful in culling terror funding?
M2: have you heard of Right to private defence ? ( I explained it completely )
M2: so if an innocent is killed isn’t it wrong ?! (Told about test of mens Rea)
Member 3: newspaper of today you read ?!
M3: university rankings of today. On what parameters ( I used paper again )
M3: Maldives issue. Suddenly he went back to Cuban missile crisis .( I explained )
M3: what was done in Cuban missile crisis can it be replicated here ?!
Member 4: fake news ?! Why it spreads ?! ( arey take a guess dear )
M4: way forward ?!
M4 : why should we give so much of freedom to media ?!
M4: spying how are they dealt with ?!
M4: what are the legal provisions wrt old age people ?!
M4: Earlier were there any provisions existing ?!
Back to chairman
C : you seem to be aware of IPC AND other provisions how come ?!
C: why IPS as the first choice ?!
C: what you dreamt as an IPS officer ?!
C: today the complexity of policing has increased apart from normal functions what are the other functions  Associated with ?!
Thank you!
Interview Program

[Interview Transcripts 2018] Shashank Goyal

Ms. Smita Nagaraj Board

Date: 21 March 2018


1. NIT-IIM and now civil services. Is it now the new career norm?
2. There is extensive marketing being adopted in govt schemes. Is it necessary?
3. Do we focus more on objectives or outcomes while designing marketing strategies?
4. Questions on positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement.

Member 1

1. 2 questions on Delhi pollution-causes, steps taken by the govt, causes of stubble burning
2. How would you environmental awareness in society?
3. How do we counter China?
4. Why aren’t we raising CPEC on international forums?
5. What are wearables?

Member 2

1. On hobbies:
1. Which recent books have you read?
2. On Anne Frank- what inspires you?
3. Does glass ceiling exist? Does in exist more in India or in the West?
4. Your motivating personality (whom we are aware of)…name two more?
5. NAM has been integral to our FP. We are digressing from it? What are your views on this?

Member 3

1. The purpose of Government is not to do business. What do you think?
2. What is ‘fire in the belly’?
3. Which is your favorite business case study of MBA curriculum? Followup qn- what motivates
such people?
4. Solar projects need too much land? Is it a hindrance? Followup- what are your views on rooftop
solar projects?
5. Situational: You are a DC in a district with a very reputed govt engg college. Students are
demanding for postponement of exams. Having postponed once, they are demanding
postponement again. What will be your role?

Member 4

1. Job profile: What kind of sales you are in? Why change in job?
2. What is social marketing?

3. Need for regulations in marketing? Followup- is there any regulatory framework for marketing
in govt schemes and programmes?
4. A very important personality was born in your birthplace (Mhow)? Who was he?
5. There are so many schemes in his name. How do we improve implementation? Followup- How
do we improve scheme monitoring ?
6. Situational: You are an IFS officer. You are asked to organize celebration of Nelson Mandela’s
100th birth anniversary. How will you go about it?


1. Government is increasing the number of IIT/NIT/IIMs. Don’t you think it dilutes the brand?
(involved a discussion of 2 3 questions about the evolution of college that I graduated from and
need and role of such institutions of eminence)

Member 3 requested the Chairperson for one more question

1. Are you a PGDM or an MBA?
2. What is Alzheimer’s disease?

End of the personality test

Interview Program

[Interview Transcripts 2018] Kunal Aggarwal

Sh. Arvind Saxena Board 
Date: 19th March 2018
Session: Afternoon Session
Optional: Political science and International Relations
Work experience: 3 years as Software Developer
Interview Transcript
  1. What have you been doing?
  2. So, what were you doing at the *company where I worked*?
  3. What is Kizuna bond project? (from DAF)
  4. So how are India-Nepal relations now?
  5. What is the involvement of China in Nepal? Have you heard of cheque book diplomacy? Can India compete with China on this? How can India gain it’s space in Nepal then?
  6. What do you think of Aadhar card? Aren’t there security issues?
  7. Should we have aadhar? US and UK are rolling back their social security systems. Shouldn’t we learn from them?
  8. Views on AI – two opposite views from Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. What do you think about AI?
Member 1
  1. Why do you want to join civil services?
  2. So, you belong to Sonipat or you are currently staying there?
  3. What progress do you see in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in Sonipat?
Member 2
  1. How are Panchayats doing in India?
  2. Do they have real powers? What are their issues?
  3. What is your opinion on Khap Panchayats?
  4. What kind of TV Shows do you watch? (Hobby)
  5. Do you watch reality tv shows?
  6. How do they impact children? Is it bad or good?
  7. How is technology impacting the people? Does it always help? *Discussion on that*
Member 3
  1. Why did you leave your job and want to join civil services?
  2. What was your experience at *previous job*?
  3. Can you expect them in civil services?
Member 4
  1. Bank frauds questions
  2. Privatisation or not?
  3. Air India privatization? Will it help or not?
Chairman: *Continuing from M2*
  1. So you said watching news helps. Do you think it is always good?
  2. Discussion on Fb misuse of data?
  3. Have you heard of fake news?
  4. How do you as a civil services aspirant ensure you do not consume fake news?
  5. How do you discuss news with people?
Interview Program

[Interview Transcripts 2018] Basist Nandan

Sujatha Mehta Board

Date: 13.03.2018

Session: Afternoon

Interview Transcript

1. Tell me where you did ur graduation. What you do now.
2. You are in pipelines of IOCL. How do you secure pipelines?
3 What is your role in securing pipelines?
4. Which pipelines in eastern coast you are in.
5. You seem to be interested in sports. Do u think a large event like Olympics be held where there is no income just expenditure?
6. Will it be good for India to host Olympics?
7. India didn’t win any gold in Olympics and also we had a bad experience of holding commonwealth games. So why should India host such events when there is poverty and all.

Member 1
1. You are in iocl. Why should one invest in a refinery when we are moving towards the renewable source and electric vehicle?
2. You are a mechanical engineer. Tell me which law of physics applies when a thermal energy is converted to mechanical energy.
3. What is critical supercritical in a power plant?

Member 2
1. Tell me has 73rd and 74th amendment been good.
2. What are problems?
3. Women representation is just for name sake in PRI. What do you say?
4. There is a program called employment guarantee program. Should fund from that be used in empowering grass root.
5. Other discussions mainly on PRI.

Member 3
1. You are from Bhagalpur. Tell about the violence of the 1980s.
2. What is the regulatory mechanism of oil and gas sector?
3. In spite of so many regulations, why do fires and other hazards occur?
4. How would you inculcate safety culture?
5. What is energy audit? How it is done ( I said something and he said it’s not correct)

Member 4
1. Tell me something about the green revolution.
2. How to have a balance between population rise and food crisis.
3. Can GM crop be helpful in solving the food crisis?
4. What are problems of GM Crops and solutions?

Again Chairman
Do you want us to ask something?
I took a pause and said, mam, if you would like to ask something from hobby.
She said what’s your hobby.
Then she asked about it.
How much time you spend on the internet.
Your view on social media. Is it helpful?

Ok. Thank you.

Interview Program

[Interview Transcripts 2018] Ashis Sahu

Arvind Saxena Board

Date: 06/03/2018
Session: Afternoon session

2nd last to go

Education: B.Tech (Mech) + 4 Years work experience
Hobbies: Jogging, Meditation, and Teaching
State: Odisha

Interview Transcript

1. Justin Trudeau episode.PM of a state. ..With wife and kids. … was it correct on Indian part for the kind of treatment?

2. ‎Section of Indian diaspora called ‘Republican Hindu coalition’ in the USA supported Trump during the election. Do you think it was right on their part to use the word Hindu there?… (direct hit from the boundary)

3. How is the diaspora community helping India?

Member 1 (Lady)
1. Olive Ridley turtles. ….mass nesting timing around the year? Why are numbers decreasing? What steps has the government taken?
2. ‎you have been in so many places around the country, what difference have you found among the people and their culture?
3. ‎Do you think regionalism is good?
4. ‎what should be done to promote unity in diversity?

Member 2
1. What is stealth aircraft? (Physics+ Aero modeling club during college)
2. ‎Govt banned the 500 and 1000 Do he high denomination note o
3. ‎which other countries had tried demonetization and what were the effects?
4. ‎Any other instance when the circulation of money decreases in the market?

Member 3
1. You were part of BAJA SAE (college activity). What did you learn?
2. ‎Such competitions must be encouraging entrepreneurship, Should the government be promoting it?
3. ‎what do you like about jogging?…..have you run any marathon…..what speed do you jog?

Member 4
1. Changing the name of places. Is it right? Why is it done? Do you support it?
2. ‎How to develop Odisha?

This is all I can recall.

The board was very cordial and allowed me to present my views. Saxena sir was as poker face as it could be. Couldn’t make anything from his face. Only time will tell…

Wishing all of you the best of luck

Interview Program

[Interview Transcripts 2018] Madhur Binda

Air Marshal A.S Bhonsle Sir board

Candidate name: Madhur Binda

Profile: MBBS graduate, sociology optional

Belongs to: Rajasthan

Date of interview: 19/02/18, afternoon session

Interview started at 3:10 PM.

Most likely ended around 3:45

Interview Transcript

I was the first candidate to attend the interview.

I wished the board and they asked me to sit. They told me to be comfortable. There were few pages lying in front of me he asked me to use them before giving answers ie to think for few seconds n then answer.
Also, he did ask in which language Hindi/English or mixed I be comfortable wrt to interview language


He saw that I have graduated in 2013
Q1. Which year have you finished your MBBS? And what you were doing after that till now?
Q2 What do you feel about having a rural background and working in the village?
Q3. Is government policy with respect to the rural area is good? Is any lacuna in government policies? If yes, where the gap pertains to?
After that, he asked few questions about MBBS and about my hobby

Member 1
Q1 You were working in the village but most doctors don’t want to work in rural areas. Why? How can we change that attitude?
Q2 What are the provisions of NMC? Is less representation of doctors an issue?
Q3 What is your opinion about compulsory internship after MBBS?
Q4 Ayush Dr being allowed to practice allopathic. Is it Good or bad?

Member 2
Q1 There are so many places named as Sagar in Rajasthan Why? (I’m from Rajasthan that’s why they asked this)
Q2 What is inter-generational equity?
Q3. How’s equity makes sense in medical profession/health?
Q4. Asked about some old ancient river of Rajasthan
Q5. What is the himalayan blunder? (I was not able to answer.Actually, it was a book about Sino-Indian War of 1962)

Member 3 (Lady member)

Q1.She said she is biased to ask questions on the health sector. Why did you choose IAS after MBBS?
Q2 Also how can you being ias will help say ur village. What u bring as Dr to administration.

Q3 we here so many new products of Ayurvedic coming these days… Whats ur opinion on that also between Ayurveda n allopathic form of medicine which one do you support.

Q4 What are the issues pertaining to Women and Child in Rajasthan? Specifically, women in general child also do Suggest some remedies.

Member 4

Q1 questions on name… Any famous personalities with same name.. Why they were in controversy recently.

Q2 earlier there was no neet what was the exam that u cleared to get admission into mbbs

Q3.Asked some questions about city of school (Ajmer). Who is the famous king of Ajmer? Why he was famous?How he died? Any role of sanyogata on his defeat?

Padmavat situation is example of Anomie? Is it so?
What do you mean by anomie? Which social thinker gave the concept?

Q5 ASER report…what is it.. Who releases it etc

Chairman again

Q1 You have graduated from. Govt MBBS college. Wasn’t your education subsidized? It’s Wastage of resources right? etc

Q2 What are the advantages of being a Doctor?
One of quality I said is being emphatic

Q3 So can’t a person other than doctor have empathy?

Q4 (I was dog lover) So questions about the breed…which dog do you have; Why different breed behave differently?

Q5 Tell a joke about the dog…

As I couldn’t he told me the joke.. That is how you know who loves you more gf or dog by locking them in box for 30 min and then observing their reaction.

He asked my opinion on the joke.

End of interview..

Missed few questions if I am able to recall will post…

Overall the board was very cordial and had better experience than mock interviews.