May 2019
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Stop Made-Snana

Practiced in Karnataka, to reduce karmic burden through Divine Grace. Devotees roll over the dining leaves left after partaking meals by people who are also carrying similar karmic burdens.

IndARC to aid climate change studies

  1. The deployment of IndARC, the country’s first underwater moored observatory in the Kongsfjorden fjord, halfway between Norway and the North Pole.
  2. Fjord is a natural laboratory for studying the Arctic climate variability – it receives climatic signals from the Arctic and Atlantic in the course of an annual seasonal cycle.

What is Ganga Vahini?

  1. A Ganga Vahini comprising ex-servicemen and NGOs will be constituted on the lines of the Red Cross at select locations along the Ganga to keep vigil.
  2. No sewage drainage system will be allowed to have an outlet into the river.

How to reform WIFS?

  1. WIFS (Weekly Iron Folic acid Supplement) initiative aims at reducing anemia among the girls by giving them iron folic acid tablets on weekly basis.
  2. HRD ministry has proposed to club this with the Mid Day Meal scheme.

What is Hidden Hunger?

  1. As defined by the GHI (Global hunger Report), when Govt. provides only free or subsidised wheat and rice, then the hunger gets eliminated only from the energy intake angle.
  2. Deficiency in vitamins and minerals still continues and this is called Hidden Hunger.

AQI released to monitor pollution

  1. Ministry of Enviro releases AQI (Air Quality Index). ‘One Number- One Colour-One Description’.
  2. AQI report will be put up on the CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board).
  3. The index will contain 8 pollutants (PM10, PM2.5, NO2, SO2, CO, O3, NH3, and Pb) across 6 categories.
  4. AQI excludes Benzene which is carcinogenic.

Central bank to work on PPI

  1. Raghuram Rajan states that the central bank is working on PPI (Producer Price Index). It measures average changes in prices received by domestic producers for their output.
  2. PPI measures the rate of inflation of a set of goods at the producer end. WPI measures them at the wholesale rate end and CPI is at consumer end.

Bill Gates foundation to take up Kala-Azar

  1. Bill Gates foundation taking up the fight against Kala Azar in India. Second most deadly parasitic disease after Malaria.
  2. Kala Azar is highly concentrated geographically and is only carried by humans in India.

    Discuss: The Bill & melinda gates foundation have been quite active these days. They are also funding the development of the ROTOVAC vaccine.

Revamped INAP launched

  1. To reduce Infant Mortality, Govt. launched INAP (India Newborn Action Plan) to be implemented under RMNCHA+ framework (Reproduction, Maternal, Child Health and Adolescent Plus).
  2. Six evidence-based, effective strategies impacting stillbirths and newborn health will be used.