100 Most Probable Topics + Q&A for IAS Mains 2017

Dear students,

One of the great advantages of having a tech platform which connects daily news and op-eds dynamically to its relevant newstrail is that over the time it helps us understand how a topic has evolved both qualitatively (facets of issues, complexity) and qualitatively (# of newscards, op-eds written and connected).

With that objectivity in hand and UPSC’s changing patterns in mind, we sat together to write down Explainers on some 100+ probable topics for this years’ IAS Mains.

Each explainer has an N4S and a parting question for you to attempt and review. All the blue links that you see here are LIVE hyperlinks where you can go and study. Rest will be up in no time.

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  1. Advance in date of budget (pros and cons)
  2. A-Z of GST
  3. All about the Bankruptcy code 
  4. All about the NPA problem in India
  5. All about Cashless Economy
  6. Merger of Banks: Need & Challenges
  7. MPC an evaluation 
  8. Hydrocarbon exploration licensing policy
  9. Port Led Development growth (Focus on Sagarmala)
  10. UDAN scheme : Opportunities and Challenges
  11. Should PDS system be replaced by DBT
  12. Demonetization (An analysis)
  13. Labour reforms in recent years
  14. Banking reforms in recent years
  15. Recent PPP models (EPC, HAM ) an analysis
  16. Do India require High speed rail
  17. Air India disinvestment: Need & Challenges
  18. Abolition of FIPB
  19. Twin balance sheet problem
  20. Proposed wage code bill: Significance & issues
  21. Concept of PARA : Need & Challenges
  22. Should Agriculture be taxed
  23. Should India adopt Universal Basic income Model

Polity and Governance

  1. Right to privacy Debate
  2. Should no detention policy be Scrapped
  3. Proxy voting for NRI
  4. HEERA To Replace UGC, AICTE As A Single Higher Education Regulator
  5. Should Lateral entry be allowed in civil services
  6. Swatch bharat mission (performance appraisal) 
  7. Skill India (performance appraisal) 
  8. Setting up of common water disputes settlement tribunal
  9. Should Criminal defamation law be amended
  10. Should section 124 be amended
  11. Judicial activism and Judicial overreach 
  12. VVPAT debate
  13. Curb on VIP Culture 
  14. Should there be simultaneous elections for Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha 
  15. Should  Liquor be banned on highways 
  16. Should national anthem be Made mandatory in cinema halls 
  17. Enemy protection ordinance: issues and analysis 
  18. Proposal for National court of appeal
  19. Do India require All India Judicial Services
  20. Issue of Paid news
  21. Article 35 A debate
  22. Should First past the post system be replaced with Proportional Representation system

Social Issues

  1. Should Section 498 be amended
  2. Child labour amendment bill 
  3. Surrogacy Bill 
  4. HIV Aids bill
  5. Mental Health Care Bill 
  6. Transgender bill 
  7. Demand for smaller states (in context of Gorkhaland issue)
  8. Maternity benefit amendment bill
  9. New Health policy 
  10. Why Dominant castes are asking for reservation 
  11. Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Regulation of Livestock Markets) Rules, 2017
  12. Proposed medical termination of pregnancy amendment bill 
  13. Should Marital rape be criminalized
  14. National strategic plan for Malaria

International Relations

  1. Qatar crisis and impact on India
  2. India Israel relations
  3. effect of US president Trump on India 
  4. Should India fight for membership of NSG 
  5. Doklam plateau issue
  6. BBIN agreement  
  7. BIMSTEC as counter to SAARC 
  8. Rohingaya Issue 
  9. Indo-Myanmar Relations 
  10. India-Japan Nuclear Deal : Significance & Challenges
  11. Model Bilateral Investment Treaty

Science and tech

  1. Li-Fi
  3. Reusable Launch vehicle
  4. ISRO soft power
  5. Cloud seeding
  6. IPR policy 2016
  7. GM Mustard debate
  8. Indian Neutrino observatory controversy
  9. Artificial intelligence
  10. Big data
  11. Internet of things
  12. Block Chain Technology and Bitcoins
  13.  Gravitational Waves
  14. Hyperloop
  15. Agri Research (role of ICAR)
  16. DNA profiling bill
  17. Hybrid electric vehicle
  18. Pressurized Heavy water Reactor


  1. Why India should have an evacuation plan for Overseas workers 
  2. Do we require a security policy 
  3. Naxalism Problem faced by India 
  4. Cyber security threats Faced by India 
  5. Fake news menace 


  1. Should Culling of animals be allowed
  2. Kigali agreement: Prospects and Issues
  3. Should we Adopt Polluters pay model
  4. A Direct Shift from BS-1V to BS-VI by 2020: Issues & Challenges
  5. Declaring river as living entity
  6. Compensatory Afforestation Fund Bill: Significance & Challenges
  7.  E-waste management Rules 2016
  8.  Plastic waste management Rules, 2016
  9. Solid waste management rules, 2016
  10.  Interlinking of rivers: Significance & Challenges